Daylight Hour is an annual social media campaign raising awareness about energy efficiency in our office spaces. On June 20, 2024, participants from all over the world will turn off their lights for one hour (12 – 1pm local time) and share their experiences via social media.

Join the #DaylightHour campaign to promote sustainability and save energy. This year, we aim to save 40 Empire State Buildings’ worth of energy in one hour! Here’s how to participate:

1. Register here
2. Calculate the energy you will save by participating here and help save 40 Empire State buildings worth of energy
3. On June 20, 2024, turn off your office lights from 12 – 1pm local time
4. Promote your involvement on social media and join thousands of participants. Make sure to use the hashtag #DaylightHour
5. Tune-in to @daylight_hour from 12:30 – 1pm EST on Instagram or Twitter to find out the number of Empire State Buildings worth of energy we have saved! During the event, we will be highlighting the best and brightest Daylight Hour participants


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Some Benefits of Daylighting.