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Attention: Daylight Hour 2020 will now be on Monday, June 22, 2020, 12-1 pm local time. While we typically hold Daylight Hour on the Friday closest to the solstice, this year, that day falls on Juneteenth. In recognition of this, and in solidarity with protests occurring across the U.S. and abroad, we are moving Daylight Hour to the following Monday to ensure our campaign of daylighting workspaces does not in any way distract from the critical activism taking place.


Daylight Hour is an annual social media campaign organized by the Building Energy Exchange to raise awareness about using natural daylight in lieu of electric lighting. Launched in 2014, this simple and engaging campaign asks offices to turn off non-critical lights in day-lit spaces from noon until 1 pm on the Friday nearest the summer solstice. Daylight Hour looks a little bit different this year than it has in the past. Due to COVID-19, our campaign time length is shortened and we have moved the campaign to our homes. We are equally as excited about the campaign and can’t wait to see your creativity in showcasing energy efficiency in your home spaces!

Daylight Hour 2020 Awards

Daylight Hour awards are given at the end of every campaign cycle to honor some of our most inspiring participants. We are excited to present the following awards for Daylight Hour 2020:

1. First Sign Up
2. Most Scenic View From Your Home Office Window
3. Best Post With Kids or Pets in Home Office
4. Most Creative Use of Daylight in Home Office
5. Best Video About Importance of Campaign
6. Most Creative Human Centered Photo

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